Four Corners, No Walls

Maria Antonakos
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"It is a breathtaking, enchanting musical journey that touches down in a myriad of exotic locations… fans of Sarah Brightman and similar artists should not hesitate to pick up this disc." – Eye for the Future

These songs reflect the experience of singer Maria Antonakos who throughout her musical studies steeped herself in the poetry, harmonies and melodies of western European composers from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.

Maria's search for expression has lead to a melding of styles and languages. Four Corners No Walls represents a fusion of cultures, genres and languages at once mystical, prescient and atmospheric. Poetry, ancient texts, street jive - an exquisite fusion of instruments and voice, layered one over the other, to create a unique soundscape.

"Each song on this album tells a story". The CD invites the listeners to open their hearts and minds and to explore their own inner landscape. "I want to use my voice to carry people beyond the walls of traditional music categories to a musical world without borders. One that encompasses the vast scope of human emotion and one that defies categorization."

"You can think of each song as its own country, a self-contained place full of entreaty and enthusiasm where, not surprisingly, people aren't afraid to do things differently. Each of these countries is united by a vision and spirit that yearns to celebrate the wonder of the 'other world' within."

Catalog: MAR 275
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Track Listing

  1. Passengers - Bill Carpenter/Dave Paterson (Listen)
  2. Rusalka's Water Song - Maria Antonakos/Bill Carpenter
  3. Byzance - Liturgy for the 21st Century - Maria Antonakos/ Bill Carpenter
  4. Sweet Sister Mary (with John McDermott) -
    Bill Carpenter/Dave Paterson
  5. If I Suffer - Maria Antonakos/Bill Carpenter
  6. Mignon's Lied - Maria Antonakos/Bill Carpenter
  7. Trying To Be Free - Bill Carpenter/Dave Paterson
  8. Eppur - An Aria for the Earth - Maria Antonakos/
    Bill Carpenter
  9. Moon Lullaby - Maria Antonakos/Bill Carpenter
  10. Cafe Isole- Maria Antonakos/Bill Carpenter
  11. Sweet Sister Mary - Bill Carpenter/Dave Paterson
  12. Passengers (Reprise - Hidden track)

Total Playing Time: 46:41

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