Naked Beauty

Patricia O'Callaghan
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Naked Beauty will leave you "breathless and inspired," to quote lyrics from the title track. The fourth recording by Patricia O'Callaghan is her boldest to date, a gem-filled journey through idiosyncratic pop and cabaret songs by composers including Randy Newman, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Kurt Weill. Called "the most promising cabaret artist of her generation" by Billboard Magazine, Patricia brings the sensual theatricality of her live performances home.

Patricia O'Callaghan is surrounded by a cast of Canadian greats on Naked Beauty, including Steve Page (who sings two duets with Patricia), Kurt Swinghammer, John Gzowski, Kevin Hearn, George Koller, Robert Kortgaard and Tyler Yarema among others.

Produced by Steven Page and Michael Phillip Wojewoda. Additional production: George Koller, James Robertson and Kurt Swinghammer. Mixed by Michael Phillip Wojewoda.

Catalog: MAR 315
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Track Listing

  1. Dayton, Ohio (Randy Newman)
  2. Naked Beauty (Joel Kroeker) (Listen)
  3. The Smokey Life (Leonard Cohen)
  4. Cry Me a River (Arthur Hamilton)
  5. I Believe in You (Neil Young)
  6. Yo m'enamori d'un Aire (trad. arr O'Callaghan)
  7. Tonight we Fly (Neil Hannon)
  8. The Book of Love (Stephin Merritt)
  9. The Ballad of Lucy Jordan (Sheldon Silverstein)
  10. Noches, Noches (trad. arr O'Callaghan)
  11. Sad Boy (Patricia O'Callaghan/Steven Page)
  12. True Love Leaves No Traces (Leonard Cohen)
  13. Lost in the Stars (Kurt Weill/Maxwell Anderson)

Total playing time: 48:40

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