About Marquis

Established in 1981, Marquis Classics is one of Canada's leading independent record labels. It is owned by founder Earl Rosen and Dinah Hoyle. We are based in Toronto, and many of our recordings are produced in Canada. Marquis Classics is distributed in Canada and the United States by MVD Entertainment. Our digital distributor is eOne. Many titles are also available in Europe and Asia. You can also order our recordings through this web site. When you order from this site, your order goes directly to Marquis, and it is filled and shipped from Marquis. To find out more, read Ordering from Marquis.

Contact us:

Marquis Classics
30 Kenilworth Ave
Toronto, Canada M4L 3S3

Tel: 888-627-6165 (toll free - North America)
Tel: 416-690-7662 (Europe and Asia)
e-mail: info@marquisclassics.com