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Special price on our Orion Recordings

From now until August 20, all in-stock Orion CDs
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40% off, or $5.98 per CD.

The Orion Master Recordings at a glance:
Laurindo Almeida
Beethoven: Violin & Cello
Sonatas for Flute & Harpsichord
Liszt: Music for Violin & Piano
24 Negro Melodies
Harp Sonatas
Vivaldi: Beatus Vir
Mozart: Quartet & Quintets
Tchaikovsky: Trio in A minor
Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord
The Art of Steven Staryk
Aaron Copland: Piano Sonata
Baroque Organ Masters
Marais and Haydn: Suites
Prokofiev: Music for Cello & Piano
Mozart and Asioli: Keyboard Sonatas
The Virtuoso Cello
Strauss:  Works for Piano
Kogan plays Bach and Prokofiev
The Gotham Trio: Chamber Music
Liszt and Rachmaninoff
Brahms Cello Sonatas
Satie for Two
Rampal and Friends

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